Flash Fiction

I must admit that I’ve only recently discovered Flash Fiction, but I adore it!

It’s where storytelling and poetry mix.

I’m truly stimulated by the mental challenge of telling an entire story in a set word limit of, say, 100 or 300 words.

For what it’s worth – and having regard to the fact that I’m a Flash Fiction novice – my process begins with writing the first draft quickly; typically into my iPhone whilst on the train or when I need a break from the technical writing required by my day job.

At this point, I’m just looking for structure. I try to paint a small picture which allows the viewer a glimpse of the story which exists beyond the canvass. I leave space, so that the reader has to use their imagination to complete the story; particularly what transpired before I entered the fray and what might have occurred after I left.

Once I have the structure in place, I start playing with the words and the sentence structure. I alliterate and I rhyme and do my best to enhance the rhythm of the word patterns. I dwell over every word because when you are competing with a hard word count, every word matters. Every word has do more work than any self-respecting word should be called upon to do.

And when I think I’ve got it about right…I put it aside for a day or a week and try again later.

I’ve written half a dozen Flash Fiction pieces in the last little while. Let’s see whether they get published.


Published by archibaldhobbs

I'm the author of the upcoming novel, "The Glorious Face of Sorrow" (Austin Macauley). I've had flash fiction published at The Drabble, 101 Words, 50-Word Stories, Friday Flash Fiction and Pocket Fiction UK. I write primarily to impress my wife, but would be delighted to have a wider audiennce.

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