Welcome to my writer’s page on WordPress! I’m glad you visited me and I’m thrilled to get started.

I should have done this a long time ago. You see, I’ve always loved writing, but I’ve never given serious thought, before now, to developing my own writer’s page.

The catalyst for launching this site now is the impending publication of my first novel, The Glorious Face of Sorrow (Austin Macauley), which I expect to be published later in 2021.

The funny thing about my novel is that when I started writing it in the late 1990’s, it was a contemporary story. But now – following two decades of picking and stripping – it’s become a period piece!

I’ll have more to say about my novel in future posts. Stay tuned. I’ll hope you’ll follow me here and on Twitter @archibaldhobbs.

All the best! Thanks for visiting and staying for a while. I appreciate it!


Published by archibaldhobbs

I'm the author of the upcoming novel, "The Glorious Face of Sorrow" (Austin Macauley). I've had flash fiction published at The Drabble, 101 Words, 50-Word Stories, Friday Flash Fiction and Pocket Fiction UK. I write primarily to impress my wife, but would be delighted to have a wider audiennce.

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