“Hide & Seek” | The Story Behind the Story

So, my short story, Hide & Seek, was published today at Pocket Fiction, which appears to be a relatively new digital zine:

Hide and Seek – Pocket Fiction

I like the look and feel of Pocket Fiction. I also like their mission to publish ‘pocket-sized‘ stories which you can read ‘from start to finish in the same amount of time it takes to drink your morning cup of coffee‘.

To answer the question posed by the publishers, yes, that does sound good! Both from the perspective of a writer and from the a reader’s viewpoint.

Anyway, Pocket Fiction looks like a start-up…and this blog is a start-up…so let’s start up together, shall we?

The story for Hide & Seek literally came to me in my sleep. For some reason, as I woke from dreaming, the premise of two brothers engaged in a decade-long game of hide and seek was rumbling in my brain. I told my wife about it and she laughed. I must confess, however, that the twist at the end only came to me as I was writing (which so often happens to me).

The story, I’ll also admit, is weird. I don’t often embrace the realm of weird, but it’s nice to try something new. Let’s see whether I venture down that giddy path again.

The only other thing I’ll say about Hide & Seek is that I had a mate who loved to embrace the unconventional. If he came to a fork in the road, he’d always choose the path more likely to freak him out. Unfortunately, my mate succumbed to cancer several years ago. But I think he would have liked this story. Perhaps he visited me in my dreams…


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