My Upcoming Novel

So….after over two decades…we’re almost there, I think.

I started writing The Glorious Face of Sorrow in the late 1990s. It’s taken so long to complete that what started as a contemporary novel is now a period piece! A glimpse of life in “turn of the millennium” Sydney.

To be honest, the first draft wasn’t very good. Neither was the next draft, or the one after that. Far too much “telling” and far too little “showing”. Did I really think it was necessary to have the characters explain the story? Oh my lord! So much exposition!

But after a major re-write over the last two years, I’m now proud of my novel. I’ve excised all the dross, added a lot of better written material and I’m happy, now, to put my work out into the world via Austin Macauley.

I’m currently working on the final proof. Still tinkering here and there. Deleting an adverb. Adding some imagery. Cutting a paragraph which does little but interrupt the flow. Inserting a hard-working little detail which elevates the storyline.

I know that when I send back my revisions, that will be it. No more tinkering. It’s done! I find that prospect a little daunting.

But after 22 years…it’s time.


Published by archibaldhobbs

I'm the author of the upcoming novel, "The Glorious Face of Sorrow" (Austin Macauley). I've had flash fiction published at The Drabble, 101 Words, 50-Word Stories, Friday Flash Fiction and Pocket Fiction UK. I write primarily to impress my wife, but would be delighted to have a wider audiennce.

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