“The Horror” | The True Story

This is one of my favourite micro-fiction items to date:


It, too, is inspired be a true road-trip event When I was in my late teens, my father and younger brother went on a 4-day drive to northern NSW. We camped the first night and decided “enough of that…”. So we booked into a motel the second night.

My father was exhausted, so he decided to have an afternoon nap. Soon his snoring was echoing around the small room. But my brother and I were wide awake, so we decided to have some fun by tossing a tennis ball to each other as we lay on our backs on our beds.

It was my idea to try and throw the ball between the rafter and the ceiling…

I can’t, now, remember how many attempts I made, but I was finally successful. But the extra elevation required to send the ball through the gap between rafter and roof saw it sail over my brother’s bed towards my dad’s…

Whilst the piece published on Friday Flash Fiction hinted at a tragic ending, in real life my brother was sufficiently nimble to leap from his bed and catch the ball mid-flight.

Thanks god!

To this day, however, some thirty years later, what may have happened – had the ball landed on my sleeping father – remains a source of comedic speculation in my family.


Published by archibaldhobbs

I'm the author of the upcoming novel, "The Glorious Face of Sorrow" (Austin Macauley). I've had flash fiction published at The Drabble, 101 Words, 50-Word Stories, Friday Flash Fiction and Pocket Fiction UK. I write primarily to impress my wife, but would be delighted to have a wider audiennce.

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