A little bit about my novel…

So, what is The Glorious Face of Sorrow all about? The story starts, in April 1999, with Jack Spalding, a jaded, middle-aged Sydney Solicitor. We learn in the Prologue that his wife, Cassie, has left him on a trial separation. Will she come back just long enough to announce that their marriage is over? OrContinue reading “A little bit about my novel…”

“The Horror” | The True Story

This is one of my favourite micro-fiction items to date: https://www.fridayflashfiction.com/100-word-stories/the-horror-by-archibald-hobbs It, too, is inspired be a true road-trip event When I was in my late teens, my father and younger brother went on a 4-day drive to northern NSW. We camped the first night and decided “enough of that…”. So we booked into aContinue reading ““The Horror” | The True Story”

“Mist Covered Mountain” | The Story Behind the Story

Here’s a link to my most recent flash fiction. Mist Covered Mountain, by Archibald Hobbs – Friday Flash Fiction I like this wee little story of a man with tartan blood running out of gas on a mountain road, playing his pipes to keep himself warm and unintentionally provoking a social media storm of HighlandContinue reading ““Mist Covered Mountain” | The Story Behind the Story”

“Hide & Seek” | The Story Behind the Story

So, my short story, Hide & Seek, was published today at Pocket Fiction, which appears to be a relatively new digital zine: Hide and Seek – Pocket Fiction I like the look and feel of Pocket Fiction. I also like their mission to publish ‘pocket-sized‘ stories which you can read ‘from start to finish inContinue reading ““Hide & Seek” | The Story Behind the Story”

“The Power of Guilt” | The Story Behind the Story

Having only recently discovered Flash Fiction, I’m pleased to have my first piece published at Friday Flash Fiction today. Here is the link to my piece: The Power of Guilt, by Archibald Hobbs – Friday Flash Fiction There are several things I like about my Flash Fiction piece. Firstly, I’m pleased with the echo createdContinue reading ““The Power of Guilt” | The Story Behind the Story”